Thank you for your interest in joining the Luly Yang Couture team. We would like to share our personal philosophies and values.

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Our Vision

Our vision is that Luly Yang continues to be a place for the best lifestyle, fashion and design services, together with unforgettable experiences. As our staff continues their commitment to personal and professional growth, we are able to serve our guests and one another in ways that makes each individual feel inspired, fullfilled and confident.


The only way we can continue to grow and develop ourselves and our brand in a way that fits with our mission and values is to invest in ourselves and our people. We hire learners and we are learners ourselves. Luly Yang is a place where we grow together. Additionally, there is a particular humility inherent in learning and a curiosity for what is unknown. We want you to have this; it is a requirement for employment.

Our Values

Among our most valued qualities are positivity, loyalty, accountability, willingness, a spirit of service, being a good listener, having high standards, and a fundamental appreciation of life, creativity, design, and beauty.


On-site training, dymanic creative team environment, employee discounts, medical, regular hours Tuesday to Saturday 9:30am to 6:30pm except fashion shows and special events.

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"Good design can bring about social and environmental change. Being surrounded by beauty evokes positive emotions. This, in turn, encourages us to live better and be better. My dream is to create an inspirational place for our guests, ourselves and our community."
Luly Yang

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