Global Connections and Tourism Buoy Seattle Fashion Designer

Yang’s showroom location – in the downtown core in a luxury hotel, in a city that is a hub for both international and domestic direct flights via Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) – is the perfect place to conduct global business.

“Customers can come visit us with one easy flight, stay in the hotel, and come to us,” she said. “We have become a destination for many people. I love living in a city with a major airport and the direct connections with the rest of the country and the world.”

Yang gains inspiration from working with an international clientele.

“The diverse group of clients I have makes work much more interesting,” Yang said. “It’s helpful that Seattle is such an international city. Personally, I get inspiration from the environment, place, architecture, nature, and people. When we dip our finger in the Puget Sound, we are already connected to Asia. The ocean connects us all; that’s why I always want to live in a city on the water.”


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