Architecturally Inspired Sustainable Custom Uniforms by Luly Yang Arrive at Climate Pledge Arena, Home of the Seattle Kraken

Luly Yang Design Group provides custom uniforms for lounge teams and Climate Pledge Arena Ambassadors with designs that pay homage to Seattle landmarks


Luly Yang, fresh off the acceptance of the national Image of the Year® uniform awards, is once again revolutionizing what it means to wear a uniform in her recent partnership with Climate Pledge Arena (CPA) by designing a sustainably-minded, elegant uniform collection inspired by the architecture of the stadium.  

The collection features tailored pants, vests, button-up shirts, blazers, and dresses that are made with 80 percent recycled materials — aligning with the mission of the Climate Pledge Arena, which aims to be the first carbon zero arena in the world.

The uniforms are currently being worn by the CPA ambassadors, and the team members in the Space Needle and Verizon Lounges. The garments encapsulate Yang’s design lens: form meets function. Each piece of the uniform has CPA brand details, a polished appearance and high-performance ability. The fabric has 30 percent stretch, so staff can move comfortably in the uniform and feel a sense of pride while wearing it. Every aspect of the collection was thoughtfully considered and is intended to be layered up or down to accommodate events and seasonal changes.  

The new uniforms have received the stamp of approval from several of the staff who will be wearing them. “I was a little concerned because when it comes to uniforms, it’s about how we feel. If we feel good, that comes through. I want to feel good when I work and I’m really impressed with these uniforms,” a bartender in the Space Needle Lounge said at her fitting.

“It’s a wonderful uniform! It actually bends! You can do this,” said another bartender as he squatted to the ground. “And the pants don’t rip!”

During the design process, Yang turned her attention to the 1962 iconic Seattle stadium and its architectural details. The women’s shirt collar features a cutout that is a subtle nod to the silhouette of the Space Needle, while peplums and Y-shaped angles reflect the famous, historic buttresses of the arena.

While hosting personal fittings for the new team members, Luly Yang CEO and Creative Director of LYDG said, “We are proud to introduce a collection that reflects the innovation and values of Climate Pledge Arena. These pieces will set the standard for what custom, branded uniforms can be: A stylish, ultra-comfortable, and highly functional uniform with a cutting-edge design.”

Beyond the fit, fabrics, and aesthetic, Yang also capitalizes on a more sustainable production process.

Since the very beginning, sustainability has been an integral part of LYDG’s DNA. Part of maintaining the company’s brand ethos of elevating the human experience is respecting humanity through social responsibility and environmental sustainability.  

With this collection, Climate Pledge Arena adds their name to the growing list of custom uniform programs LYDG has facilitated. Previous clients include Alaska, Amazon, Pan Pacific Hotel, and the Washington Athletic Club.