To wear Luly Yang is to be surrounded by something you love and that loves you back. Whether in the Seattle salon or the online boutique, the Luly Yang experience is about finding—and telling—your story. In this found treasure, confidence is expressed, femininity embraced, elegance shared. You feel right at home, yet set apart from the world outside. It’s time to tell your story.

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"I believe that great design inspires us to become the best version of ourselves."Luly Yang

Raised in a family of artists, architects, and engineers, Luly was exposed at an early age to the fundamentals of design from numerous points of view. At age six, she was developing her aesthetic and exploring her vision through illustrating gowns and silhouettes. From her early years to the University of Washington to life as an architectural graphic designer, meticulous design remained constant. To this day, graphic and architectural elements and a perfect balance of form and function can be found in every one of Luly’s designs.

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In 1999, Luly participated in a fashion show benefiting the Art with Heart Foundation which paired designers with paper companies. For Luly, what arose from the folds and cuts of her paper was something new, extraordinary, and revolutionary: The Monarch Dress. Iconic and an instant sensation, the Monarch Dress reawakened her love of fashion and convinced her to make the change from graphic to fashion design. One year later, she launched her label and studio—each a reflection of her love of innovative design and her unique understanding of the human form.

Independent By Design

Like the individuals who wear it, the Luly Yang brand is uniquely independent, with design decisions led by passion and creativity. This freedom creates an atmosphere of energy, curiosity, and artistry where client relationships come first. From suits to gowns, cuffs to shoes, the timeless design of Luly Yang inspires all who wear it.

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"My dream is to create a world filled with beautiful things that inspire us to live better and to be better."Luly Yang

Luly Yang began in couture with a focus on cocktail and evening looks. In 2015, she brings her couture experience to Luly Yang and Luly, two new lines designed for every day and every part of your life. Look for a love of detail, a confidence in color, a gift for movement and motion, and of course, a soul to each piece. Visit us in Seattle or explore our online boutique, and discover all of Luly Yang—a full line of accessories; couture, bridal, cocktail, and evening wear; and her new ready-to-wear collections. Luly’s story continues, and we can’t wait to hear yours.


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