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We would love to partner with you to design and develop a truly distinctive, custom branded uniform program.

The Luly Yang team is highly regarded for the unique skills we bring to the table including technical design, couture, activewear, industrial design, architecture, manufacturing and marketing. While a diverse skill set makes us stand out, the unifying skill we possess is the ability to listen to the needs of our clients. This diversity sets us apart and gives us a unique approach to design and service solutions that has made us the choice for industry leading brands.

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How Does it Work?

Our Process

Our approach is to design from the inside out to create distinctive uniforms that set your team apart

"I strive to create memorable, personalized experiences that inspire us to live better and affect us in a positive way every day.  I want to create something that makes the company and the people who work for it very proud.”

Luly Yang

Founder + Creative Director

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Custom Branded Uniforms Our Design Process

From Concept to Uniform

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Attention to detail

Distinctive Pride

From the discovery of your brand, to the initial designs, sampling, production, and reveal to your employees, expert care and attention to detail is put into every step of our process.

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Form + Function

High Performing

Your uniform needs to represent your brand and work hard for your team. We put in the work to ensure the garments are highly functional, comfortable and durable while still polished, professional and stylish.

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